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When facing criminal indictable charges in the Superior Courts of New Jersey or petty  disorderly persons and disorderly persons offenses in the municipal courts throughout New Jersey, you need a skilled attorney that is equipped to properly defend you. Our representation of our clients in the Superior Courts and municipal courts include:

.Criminal indictable offenses;
.Disorderly persons offenses and petty disorderly persons offenses;
.DWI charges;
.DUI charges; 
.Refusal charges; and,
.Municipal court offenses and traffic violations.

  ​Criminal Defense
DWI Defense
   When facing DWI charges, you need an attorney that has expertise in the 
  handling of  your defense. We will review your case and determine if the
  police  had a legal basis to  stop your vehicle and to arrest you. We will  
  also determine  if the police had a legal basis  to require you to submit to 
  the tests done at the  side of the road and to the Breathalyzer tests done at
  the police station.  Because of our expertise in handling these DWI 
  charges, we routinely challenge the basis of the tests done at the side of 
  the road and challenge  the Breathalyzer readings themselves. There are 
  many circumstances that  may have been present at the time of the tests
  being administered that serve as a basis to challenge the tests.

  There are many legal issues that result in a challenge to the Breathalyzer  
  readings themselves, that includes the observations by the police officer,  
  the operability of the Breathalyzer machine and whether it is in working 
  order at present and whether it had been in proper working order  
  previously and whether it was deemed operable at the time that the   
  samples were taken of your  breath. In addition, while the Supreme Court
  of New Jersey previously  determined that the Alcotest 7110 was reliable,
  at present, there are legal challenges to be addressed as to  the reliability  
  of the machine, based upon the data regarding the machines not being
  properly maintained in theirdatabase. 

DUI Defense 
 If you are facing DWI charges as a result of drugs or other narcotics found   
 in your  vehicle, you need an attorney that has the experience in being 
 successful in challenging the basis for charges of DUI based upon a DRE 
 evaluation and analysis. We will review and evaluate your case and 
 determine if the charges are warranted  based upon the DRE evaluation 
 performed. We routinely challenge the findings of the police's DRE expert 
  and thus, challenge the basis for the DWI being issued to you.